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We are thankful to the Almighty God who blessed us with an opportunity to welcome you to this institution of higher learning in the new academic session 2018-19. We at Govt. Degree College, Mendhar strive to provide our young scholars a platform to develop their innate abilities imbibing all the moral, ethical and social values.
Dear Students! You are stepping into the College life. It is generally said 'No Knowledge without College'. You shall surely feel it because College stands for knowledge, for innovation, for brotherhood, for tolerance, for search of truth and for overall transformation of human society to achieve holy human goals. Govt. Degree College, Mendhar is a blessing in this remote area. If we fail to value this blessing by our deep sense of sincerity, devotion, hard work and by upholding moral and ethical values, future generations shall curse us. The identity of the College is its students. As are the students, so is the College and as is the College so is the society. Let us make this College a pride institution and become proud students. The first step in this direction is to consider the College as a sacred place where knowledge is created and disseminated, where students are transformed into great human beings and where abilities and energies of the youth are channelized for the welfare of the humanity. Respect your College and take care of everything that belongs to the College. A Persian proverb holds good;
با ادب با مراد
بے ادب بے مراد
A Cultured and civilized gains and an uncultured and uncivilized fails.
There is a famous holy tradition;
“If you want knowledge, respect your teachers and if you want good livelihood respect your parents.”
Dear students! Never run after short cuts. Try to achieve excellence and first rate in the subjects you have chosen. Feel free to interact with your Principal and teachers. Always come well prepared. Put questions to your teachers, discuss with your fellows and clear your doubt. There is famous Arabic saying:
A good question is a half knowledge. حسن السئوال نصف العقل ۔
Always try to obtain Practical knowledge. Mere bookish information is a burden loaded on the minds while practical knowledge is a strength. A Chinese proverb can be a guiding principle in this contest.
What we read, we forget,
What we see, we remember,
What we do, we understand.
Dear students! You have a participatory role in higher education. Here in this college we have tried our best to create a student friendly atmosphere. The suggestions of the students and their parents are taken care of and incorporated for action after thread bare discussions. The parents-teachers-students meets is a regular phenomenon. The suggestion/complaint box is also available. Every year the students body is constituted through fair, free and transparent process. The CRs are elected through secret ballot system and then the CRs constitute the body through the same system. The students body is encouraged and supported to organize cultural, academic and sports events. All the Departments organize very useful programmes for overall development of the students. The N.C.C and N.S.S wings are very active. Out door sports activities are also available.
Try to make the optimum use of all the resources available in the college. Take part in the curricular and the co-curricular activities in the College. Bring out and develop your potentials. Write your destiny by your own hands. Dr. Iqbal has beautifully said;
تو اپنی سرِ نوشت اپنے قلم سے لکھ
خالی رکھی ہے خامئہ حق نے تیری جبیں
The Semester System has been introduced. Go through the Academic Calendar in the Semester System carefully. There shall be six semesters. The examinations of the Ist Semester shall be conducted in 2nd week of November, 2018 and that of the 2nd Semester in the 2nd week of April, 2019. Time management in Semester System is very important. Be regular and punctual in the classes. Less than 75% attendance means shortage and loss of one academic year.
Dear students! Our dream of ‘Swachh Bharat i.e. Clean India’ cannot come true until and unless we keep our locality, our home and our institution clean. There is a famous holy tradition-
النظافۃ مِن الایمان
صفائی جزوِ ایمان ہے
Cleanliness is next to godliness. Keep your college neat and clean. Before entering the college make sure that the soles of your shoes are clean. Make proper use of door mats. Put every waste material in the dust bins. Don’t write on the furniture and the walls. Don’t deface the college building, because is also as sacred as any other place of worship like Masjid, Temple, Gurdawara, Church, etc. A clean environment is prerequisite for education.
Dear students! Computer literacy is essential for every person in this age of knowledge and technology. From this year we are introducing a Certificate Course in Computing on nominal fee as Add-on-course to ensure 100% computer literacy for all the students and a condition to be fulfilled for NAAC Accreditation also. Computer literacy shall help in making India digital. Another very important thing which needs your attention is the skill development. While doing graduation either in Science or Arts you must have proficiency in any one skill of your choice. This will go a long way in building your confidence.
Dear Parents! You have lot of expectations from the teachers and the College administration. But tall buildings can never sustain on weak and shallow foundations. School education is the foundation. In case of our area i.e. Mendhar this foundation has been weakened by a very serious social evil, i.e. copying and use of unfair means in the examinations at School level. Not to talk of Sciences or the Social Sciences, majority of the students who seek admission in B.A. Semester-Ist after passing 12th class examination getting distinctions and first divisions cannot even write one page in Urdu. Copying in the examination is a menace and source of all types of corruption in our society. Let us join hands to nip this evil in the bud. Dear parents come forward and have interaction with the College teachers and administration and have feed back of your children. Give your suggestions for improvement. We have started SMS Service for the feed back of your children. Sometime students come from the homes but they do not attend the classes as a result they are placed under shortage of attendance and not allowed to appear in the exams. Then parents come, request and sometime use pressure tactics to clear the shortage which at that movement becomes very difficult. Therefore it is our humble request to the parents to ensure the regularity and punctuality of the students.
In the end, on the behalf of the entire staff of Govt. Degree College, Mendhar. I extend hearty welcome to all the students. We pray to Almighty to guide us on the right path and give us the strength to serve the society in a better way.
Prof. Shabir Hussain Shah (Principal )
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