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1. A student has to pass in Internal Examination and External Examination separately.
2. A student is required to score 33% marks in English and 36% in all rest of the subjects to be declared Pass in internal as well as external examination separately
Internal Examination:
20% of the marks in theory and 50% in practical papers are reserved for internal assessment. Two written test examination in theory and one in practical will be held during the academic session. Break-up of internal assessment awards:
1. Theory (English):
Two written tests = 7.5 marks each
Attendance = 05 marks
2. Theory (Arts & Social Sciences):
Two written tests = 11.5 marks each
11 marks in second test
Attendance = 7.5 marks
3. Theory (Science subjects excluding Computer Application):
Two written tests = 7.5 marks each
Attendance = 05 marks
4. Practical (Science subjects excluding Computer Application):
One written test = 8.0 marks each
Half yearly = 06 marks
Annual = 06 marks
Attendance = 05 marks
5. Theory (Computer Application) for B.A./B.Sc. Part I&II:
Two written tests = 05 marks each
Attendance = 04 marks
6. Practical (Computer Application) for B.A./B.Sc. Part I&II:
Three tests = 08 marks each
Attendance = 08 marks
Day to day evaluation = 08 marks
7. Theory (Computer Application) for B.A./B.Sc. Part III:
One written test = 04 marks
Attendance = 03 marks
8. Practical (Computer Application) for B.A./B.Sc. Part III: Attendance=05 marks;
Day to day evaluation=06 marks; Seminar=06 marks; Written test=08 marks;s Project work=25 marks[5-attendance, 6-day to day evaluation, 14-synopsis/report writing]
External Examination:
80% of the total marks in theory and 50% of the total marks in practical are reserved for external evaluation.
1. The student pays the University examination fee at the time of submission of the Examination form.
2. A student cannot sit in the University examination unless he/she has attended 75% of the total lectures delivered during the session in each theory paper and a minimum of 30 practical sessions in each science subject.
3. Not more than 30 duties in all shall be given to a student who has participated in Sports/NSS/NCC or any other extra-curricular activities of the College during the entire academic session.
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